i write because i'm happier when i write. not because i'm a good writer.

-shanita john-

Good driver + bad pedestrian = me. I'm Shanita.

Okay. So this is my first blog entry and while it should probably be something thoughtful, instead, I have chosen to reflect on my newfound awareness of how thoughtless I am when meandering through traffic ... on foot.

So, my car has been having difficulties. Blackbilly (my Black Chevy Blazer, who I bought from a hillbillyget it?) decided this week that he wasn't going to start up in the mornings. This of course, coincides with the first snow fall. Either way, Billy is forcing me to be, among other things, (like an angry little girl) a bus rider (yay!) and a pedestrian (boo!).

I can operate a motor vehicle... at the cost of knowing how to operate my appendages.

In the course of this week (really last week) I have nearly been hit by a car thrice, narrowly missed walking into one twice, and have fallen in front of, behind or beside some motor vehicle at least once ... daily. This brings me to the conclusion that driving has spoiled me! I can operate a motor vehicle, but apparently at the cost of knowing how to operate my appendages.

That said, if perchance you see me this week or next, floating obliviously into oncoming traffic, stop and pick me up and deposit me where I need to be, please. At least consider it.

You might be saving my life.

The perfect end to a lousy week. Or life. Whatever.