i write because i'm happier when i write. not because i'm a good writer.

-shanita john-

Let's get up to speed, shall we?

So, I start blogging in 2005 not because I had anything particularly important to say, but mainly because it was easier to write and have other people read, than it was to force people to listen to me in social settings. The blog was on Myspace, which was fine, but since I have long outgrown the joy of endangering myself for social gains, I have upgraded to Blogger (yes, I think it's classy too.)

But don't be concerned, you can put a homeless man in Louis Vuitton and he'll still dig up french fries from a trash can. That's not a saying. But, I say this to say that even housed within a more elegant Blogger solution the quality of my writing is not likely to improve. It maysince you brought it updecline under the pressure.

Just think of all the dumb things yet to be writ.

Anyway, I'm about to post a number of blogs previously shared on Myspace just so that I can catch you up on all the useless thoughts I have been thinking. They will appear as if no one has read them (which is true) but know that they were from a time and place forgotten. Beginning with this post, the madness starts again. Just think of all the dumb things yet to be writ.

Happy reading.

The sum of all (irrational) fears.

Some misguided efforts for 2008.